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Stickers!!! Before/After
Finally had the time to stickerize my helmet! I had some bubbles due to the curves of the helmet, (the bubbles on my red landy sticker crushed my heart) but I guess I could say it's a job well done!
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I love the robot unicorn Landyachtz sticker and the bear trucks sticker
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Sticker bomb! Ha! my Reds sticker is in the same place, well sorta, yours is centered my is not lol! And the bubbles drive me crazy too!
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Streets of fiyaaah! Now I wanna watch that movie lol!
3 years ago·Reply
@drlizardo they drive me insane. This is the only shop near me, and they know nothing about longboards. Even though they are fairly similar. But at least they gave me a sticker c:
3 years ago·Reply
Just keep going in there and educatin'em!
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