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As much as I love Tangled (and I've probably seen it at least 100 times), I don't really know much about the creation process for the film, or about the voice actors (beyond their names!) So, when I came across this video today of the two leads, Mandy Moore and Zach Levi, discussing the film, I learned a lot about the flick I didn't know. Two of the most impressive parts about this animated film are: 1) that (at 2:30) they share that they never actually recorded ANY of the voices together, besides the duet. And that is totally shocking to me! I mean, I know that in animated films a lot of the biggest scenes are filmed in parts according to each voice actors time schedule, but the fact that their chemistry in the movie is so great, and they didn't even have to build that chemistry in real life is really a testament to how impressive the movie industry is, especially when it comes to animated films. #2) Zach Levi was originally going to have a British accent! Listen at 1:00 to hear his accent. But, ultimately Flynn was given an American accent! I'm glad they ultimately didn't (I trust that Levi has a better British accent if he passed his audition using it) but I don't think Flynn's cheeky would have been quite the same. But, he might have been more swooooon-worthy had he had the accent. I guess we'll never know!
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They are so cute!! How do directiors manage to get the right emotions from voice actors if they don't record scenes together?!