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I bought it to ride, not to eat off of, but this gash(both pictures are the same gash) has me worried because I don't know A) how it happened B) If I can do anything to fix/repair it and C) How bad it will get if I do nothing. Comments welcome! I expected normal wear and tear and if this is nothing just say so but if there's something I can do then I'll do it
You could always use wood filler to fill in the gash then put some clear coat over it to make it water proof!
Wood glue and clamps.
I've seen wood filler used to heal entire chips of plies missing
as above wood glue and clamps.Try and make sure you get glue in between the layers, will help to hold it together. Then clamp it up, try and spread the pressure over the whole area. I used a couple of coins when I did mine. Wipe of the excess glue and leave over night. hope that helps :-)