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What do you do when your big day, for some it could be the most important day of their lives, is a rainy, snowy mess? These couples decided that instead of letting the grey weather get the best of them, they would make the most of it by taking stunning back-lit wedding photos. For the photographers, its no easy job: "Time is of the essence when you're shooting in bad weather as Hoffer states, "We've shot in hurricanes, blizzards and complete downpours, but it's helpful to be realistic about it. A downpour is the best looking kind of rain, but you really can only get a few seconds at a time before everything (equipment included) gets completely ruined."' So the next time you are faced with an inconvenient rain, just remember that with the right lighting and good spirit you can turn your day into something beautiful.
I love these pictures. That last one in black and white. EPIC
Beautiful! What awesome memories these couples have
Whether or not these photos were planned or impromptu, the results were fantastic. Yet another example of turning lemons into lemonade. Working with what you have can be the best thing ever.
I love rain. my favorite kind of days
Inspiring! These photographers do some great work to make the most of these situations.
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