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At the age of 20, the Latvian pop artist Viktoria Modesta had her leg amputated below the knee after a lifetime of dealing with an injury that occurred at birth. Rather than letting that slow her down, she persued her dream of being a performer by becoming the 'Prototype,' a femme fatale superhero with a prosthetic leg covered in crystals. The entire video is inspiring and makes me think she might be a real-life super woman. It's all part of her mission to change misconceptions, she told Elle magazine. "I have encountered attitudes toward people who might be considered disabled where people just don’t expect them to be high achievers in the real world. That's a big problem in my mind," she said. "For the media industry to have someone in the role of a cultural leader would be a very dramatic change... It would be fantastic if people of all ethnic backgrounds, physicality, and sexuality were able to exist in the media spotlight without getting a shock or a negative reaction."
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WOAH that music video is super intense!!! Right on for her going for her dreams---though the song wasn't really my style~
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