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You will never look at your vintage wooden ironing board the same way after reading this. Every time we dig into our home basement and garage we find treasures. It's nothing fancy like gold or silver. I love finding pieces I can repurpose for the home. The old ironing board sitting in our basement is one of our great finds. It serves well as a side table and fits perfectly in awkward corners. Here are some clever ideas to use and style. 1. Position the ironing board next to a couch and make it a coffee/snack table. 2. A wood ironing board as plant stand. 3. Place it in your hall wall to display your collectibles, books, and photos. 4. Give your utility room a vintage and vignette look by positioning near a corner window along with a canvas painting. Source: Habitat Kid, Design Sponge, SZ Interiors
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This is so pretty. I would get an iron board just to put my flower vase on it lol