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My resolution for 2015 is to live a happier and healthier life and I will be starting right NOW! Here are some habits of happy people that I will be adopting as of today. I have a feeling many of these will be difficult at first, but I am determined to give my best effort. 1. Forgive more. A difficult habit to grow, but remember that everyone is fighting their own battle, and everyone is trying their best. Learn to forgive other people and let go of unnecessary anger. 2. Meditate daily. Meditation is a beautiful way to open your mind. Start with two minutes a day and build your way up to longer sessions. 3. Let go of things you can't control. When the bus is late, take a deep breath. Don't allow external events to steal your inner peace and joy. 4. Be more present. When you worry about things going wrong in advance of them happening, you're creating your own private hell! Take things one step at a time. 5. Spend time in nature. Nature reminds us to slow down and soak up the present moment. 6. Take up yoga. Yoga is a beautiful way find inner peace. It's also the kind of exercise you can do anywhere, without equipment, once you've learned a few simple moves. 7. Spend time alone with yourself. You need time alone to catch up on updates from the person you really need to stay in touch with -- yourself! Spend time alone unpacking your worries and anxieties, and getting back in touch with your deepest desires and dreams. 8. Establish a morning ritual. Morning rituals can be beautifully soothing and set the tone for your day. It can be anything from a few minutes or a whole hour! I am a big fan of a cup of tea and a few of my favorite songs on the radio. 9. Practice gratitude. By focusing your attention on all of the beautiful things and simple joys in life, you will notice and attract more and more of them. 10. Embrace uncertainty. Uncertainty is a natural part of life and an inevitable factor in making big life changes. Learn to embrace it, and know that you will always be okay at every moment in your journey! 11. Compare less. Life would be pretty boring if every restaurant was the same, every romantic partner was the same, or every day was the same. Accept when things are not as you expected and appreciate that it makes life interesting. 12. Make time for friendship. Create a weekly or monthly ritual with your friends, like dinner at a local restaurant, trivia night or morning yoga session. 13. Trust yourself. So often we make mistakes and bad decisions in life because we've ignored the inner voice of guidance inside of us. Trust your intuition. You know what is right for you. 14. Commit to living a life true to you. When you live, work, date, play, eat, drink, create, dance, travel and dream in ways that feel right with your soul, you come alive, and the whole world benefits. 15. Be gentle on yourself. You are perfect and complete exactly as you are. As the Buddhist saying goes, "We are all perfect as we are, and we could all use a little work."
I feel like I should print this out and read over it every morning!
I'm so guilty of 3 & 4 I will let it go! & give it to God
It all sounds so simple, but practice makes perfect. These are truly resolutions for everyone. Pass it on.
sounds good
I agree with all these points except for Yoga. Make that Qigong instead.
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