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I don't know how I found this and I don't know if I'm disgusted or amazed. This affogato mocha sounds like a fast pass to the dentist, but at the same time, I am never one to pass up any pink drink. I am so torn, what do you guys think? Here's the recipe: Ingredients 2 candy canes and sugar for cotton candy (or pre-made peppermint cotton candy if you don’t have a machine handy) 1-2 shots of espresso 4-6oz hot chocolate Vanilla ice cream Directions If using a cotton candy maker, follow the specific directions on your machine. Place one scoop of ice cream into a mug and create a cotton candy hood over the top of the mug. Pour hot espresso and hot chocolate over cotton candy, allowing it to melt into sweet peppermint liquid over the ice cream. Enjoy warm with a spoon!
The might be the prettiest mocha I've seen all year!
YES! I need this. I know you don't know where you got this, but where did you get this? lol @sophiamor
woww great idea