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Thanks to Top with a Cinnamon you'll never fail at frying a sunny-side up. Read on to learn the trick. I promise it's a different method! Ingredients: 1/2 - 1 tsp coconut oil 1 egg A metal spatula A small skillet 1. Melt the coconut oil in the skillet. Make sure it's evenly coated. (Coconut is better than butter because it prevents the egg from sticking to the pan and leaves the egg crispy.) 2. Separate the egg, letting the white fall into the pan. Let the white cook over a medium heat for about a minute, until almost all of it has become opaque. 3. Here's the fun part because you get to choose where the yolk will be. Place the yolk onto the white. If you yolk is sliding, just hold it in place with your spatula for a few seconds until the heat has bound the yolk onto the white. 4. Let the egg cook for a further few minutes, until you can see that the edges and base are nicely browned and crisp. 5. Gently run the spatula around the edges of the white to loosen it, then use it to lift the egg out of the pan, onto your plate. Season with salt and pepper.
It's so difficult to control heat and position egg yolk in the middle.
trying to bring the egg temperature to room temperature this well help not like out of the fridge to the frying pan @ilivdurian31