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Track List: 01. Into Me (Intro) 02. Deja Vu 03. Love Call 04. 국민 여동생 (People's Little Sister) 05. 가는거야 (Just Go) 06. 아낌없이 주는 나무 (Everlasting Love) 01. The intro is a little confusing because it sounds a little APink-y but a little GLAM-y? It really doesn't grab my attention or get me really jazzed up for the rest of the mini album. 02. The title track. Definitely a tough song, and I love that Ciara-esque beat in the background. Like the intro though, I'm a little confused by how many styles they are using in one track. There are elements of BoA and then a girlier sound a la Hello Venus. Then there is a break for 4 Minute-y raps. All in all, I was really hoping for a stronger track because right now I just see a slightly more tom-boyish version of 4 Minute (Think 'I My Me Mine' or 'Huh') 03. This sounds like a filler track with way too many layers to it. I feel bad hating on their songs but I just really can't get into this album so far. 04. Honestly this sounds like an old Super Junior song, to the point where I paused everything and opened the MV for SuJu's 'Dancing Out.' This style isn't a bad thing, it was just unexpected especially with their tough concept. 05. Another old K-pop feel. I actually really like this style on them more than the first three tracks. That chorus is SO summery and sweet! 06. This should have been their title track. It might not be as in-your-face as Deja Vu, but it is a JAM. I think it was @MattK95 that said this was his favorite song on the album. I totally agree. Seems like their album got better the farther you got into it. I really couldn't care less about the first 3 songs but the last two are winners for me!
I agree that Everlasting Love is the best track! Great review @callmekaren!
it's the best song on the whole album! ^^ @callmekaren
Track 3 was my favorite tbh