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The book is a mix of party planning tips and some of Pippa's personal stories.. Not to be cynical or something but I think people would buy this book not because of the tips but Pippa's pictures and stories. I mean we have to be honest here, the book would not sell even a fraction had Pippa not connected with the royal family.. But to be fair, she also included some really useful advice and tips.. :) credit: yahoo shine
needless to say, I'd buy this for her story too, not the tips!
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I just read @ yahoo..Agree w/ u!...(part of the news)she addresses her status as one of the world’s most photographed individuals, and even tackles the topic many people most closely associate her with - her behind.
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Come on Pippa! ...Let's be honest...We already have Martha Stewart
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her name is very special
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Haha.. i think Pippa also knows this herself
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