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To all my new friends here in vingle pls.. follow some steps on how to make a card.. just like me before,, I'm struggling on how to make a card then I saw It somewhere here on vingle so I've decide to repost it on my account to share it to you for me to help specially for those followers of LEE MIN HO pls share some Pic of him!! :DD (kinda demanding??!) lols!! hope you like it!! What is tagging? Tagging is a way to share your card to Vingle parties. Your card will show up in all the Parties which are tagged. Step 1: Find out in which relevant Parties your card should be tagged. The following is a screenshot of how to properly tag: (photo courtesy of v3sia ), a photo of Beautiful You Korean drama with Sulli and Minho in it is to be shared. The parties to be tagged are K-dramas , Korean Stars, Beautiful You (Kdrama), Sulli f(x), and Minho (SHINee) Step 2: In the box next to “What's it about,” type the Party name where you will want to share your card. As you start typing, the Parties will appear in a list. Click on the proper Party name to select it. Repeat until all relevant Parties are tagged. Step 3: Write a description and a title for the card if you desire (although we highly recommend at least a title). Select your language. Click “Add” and done! If you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment here. For more info about card creation go to