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we love to talk.. all of us.. about so many things.. from hot guys..and even the worst here is a place where you can take it all out.. you can express concern over your fave drama..philosophy..share a joke.. or just talk .. blabber blabber.. if you cant catch up on an ongoing conversation..ask us or just butt in.. whatever.. this is not a chatroom.. a friends zone... so lets barge in! #MTSG for starters..this is to all my buddies in faith vs arang card.. let's spare our 160+ voters from our chat notifications.. shermalyn unnie.. ana.. callie... meli.. chele..samra.. pororo.. jenny.. reyam.. soula81.. bix2anca..katie.. sorry.. did i miss someone?? and yes our newbies iqra.. is where you can join!!
wow... this card is filling me with a lot of memories :D
I am
Hey peps!! still breathing? :)
@14jenny yeah well i am a little bit busier with study t..:( :( its been a lot since we were fighting over joong ki oppa hahaha
@neea yes it is. @reyam I'm fine., hbu? the message is replied after 2 days
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