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Spice up your ponytail using the dutch braid technique. This is my favorite hairstyle when I hit the gym and music concert. Optional Preparation: Applying heat protectant spray and curl your hair using a flat iron. This gives you hair more volume and bounce. In addition, it's easier to braid wavy hair. Steps: 1. With a middle part, take one side and begin doing a dutch braid incorporating all the hair from the crown forward. Repeat that on other side. 2. ​ Mist hairspray on the braid​ to set it in place​ and then begin to pull each piece out making the braid look fuller and bigger. Do this ​on ​the entire length of the braid and repeat on other side. 3. Grab the braids and remaining hair and tie all of it into a ponytail and then take a small section of hair and wrap around the ponytail to hide any elastics. 4. Once you have done that​,​ you can finish ​off ​by ​misting a anti-frizz shine spray ​for added shine ​and voila! You are done!
Her hair is gorgeous! If only it were that easy
@Amye1 once you get comfortable with dutch braiding it'll won't be that hard. :)