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Andy Irvine is a dedicated musician, author and educator who has inspired audiences throughout 20 countries around the world with his love for music and musicianship. Check out the new book written by Andy Irvine entitled "Passion and Action a Musician's Journey" and his educational musicianship DVD "Joyful Musicianship - Mechanics and Mindset" Also, all 3 of Andy's albums can be purchased all with international shipping available at
Andy Irvine is an internationally known bassist, author, educator and band leader. His playing is recognized by driving bass grooves, a huge tone, ferocious soloing, diverse song writing and producing skills. Currently he resides in the high mountains of Colorado. His vast experience in performing, touring, and studio work has gained him respect among the industry, and his bass peers. His style of performing can best be described as holding down thick fundamental support lines, ripping aggressive bass solos, and all points in between. Irvine’s influences range from funk, soul, blues, jazz, gospel and various rock styles of music. With a playful musical personality and dynamic presence on the stage, Irvine radiates with passion and love for his craft everywhere he goes. In 2014 Andy released a book entitled "Passion and Action a Musician's Journey" which is receiving highly complimentary reviews around the world. Also in 2014 he released an educational DVD called "Joyful Musicianship" Andy Irvine has released 3 independent solo albums, his newest- The Way I like it (2013), Diggin' That Funky Blues (2012) and Soul Clap (2009). all 3 albums feature music he composed, arranged, and produced himself. All of Andy's products are available at with international shipping available through Team A.I.Distribution. In 2014 Andy founded a foundation dedicated to bringing awareness and aiding in Rhino poaching prevention as well supporting various international wildlife conservation foundations. Andy has been featured in UK's Bass Guitar Magazine several times, including a 2 page interview in April 2013 issue, also in Bass Player Magazine (2009) referring to him as "soloist sensation,” and in a feature in depth interview in Top Bass Magazine 2013. He has also contributed as a writer to Bass Guitar Magazine in 2014. Andy has conducted over 200 educational bass workshops and master classes internationally across 20 countries around the globe. Currently working with Warwick Basses and amps, EMG, and Source Audio exclusively to host Warwick's "The Sound Of Bass" World Clinic Tour 2014/2015. Andy returned for the third consecutive year to be a featured "professor" at Warwick's European Bass Camp event which was held in Markneukirchen,Germany Sept,2014. He was an instructor at the week long camp along with an esteemed cast the worlds top bassists including: Victor Wooten, John Patitucci, Stuart Hamm, Alphonso Johnson, Adam Nitti, Lee Sklar, Steve Bailey, Jonas Hellborg, John B. Williams and more. In 2012 Andy was asked personally by FUNK icon Bootsy Collins to become a "professor" at his Funk Several of Andy's lessons and lectures are now part the Funk-U program, more educational segments are regularly being filmed in LA for ongoing use at Funk U.
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I'd love to hear some of your work in the music community (@greggr don't worry I'm not stealing him from you hahaha) I know that we have quite a few members who are bass players :)
Hello!! thank you, perhaps you might enjoy my new book check out
Nice to meet you, Andy. I came across this card in the creative writing community-- I look forward to seeing your presence around the community!
Thanks Jon!! thanks for your suggestion!
Nice to see you here Andy!