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Andy Irvine is a dedicated musician, author and educator who has inspired audiences throughout 20 countries around the world with his love for music and musicianship. Check out the new book written by Andy Irvine entitled "Passion and Action a Musician's Journey" and his educational musicianship DVD "Joyful Musicianship - Mechanics and Mindset" Also, all 3 of Andy's albums can be purchased all with international shipping available at
Nice to see you here Andy!
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Thanks Jon!! thanks for your suggestion!
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Nice to meet you, Andy. I came across this card in the creative writing community-- I look forward to seeing your presence around the community!
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Hello!! thank you, perhaps you might enjoy my new book check out
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I'd love to hear some of your work in the music community (@greggr don't worry I'm not stealing him from you hahaha) I know that we have quite a few members who are bass players :)
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