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bearing question
has anyone ever used rush abec 9 bearings? are they any good?
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I loved mine. But they got way dirty way fast and locked up. Granted i didnt clean them really but they seemed to lose it pretty quick. I like my bones reds better
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@IsaacPaulR thanks I have bones reds but man they lasted like a week, cleaned them lubed them and they still aren't good, I guess it's sometimes hit or miss with bones, so the rush abec 9 won't last then?
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Zealous and magic shrooms all the way
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@OracioDiaz well i didnt clean them or lube them. They were my first set so i didnt know how to handle them well. They spun great though. Idk how well they would of done if they were taken care of
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@steezus I'll check them out now, @IsaacPaulR I'll check the zealous out and if not I'll look into the rush abec 9 again thanks for the help @steezus @IsaacPaulR
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