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myself doing a tiger claw on a landyachtz loco!
Super hyped about this trick even though it cuts you up pretty badly. Damn grip tape. (Don't let the long hair confuse you, I am a man hahaha)
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lol I used to have long hair like that:P my girlfriend thought I was a girl at first when we metXD lmfao
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Dude you have no idea how many people assume im a girl. 6 months ago it was like twice as long and 60% of the time people thought I was a girl. It sucks but I only look good in longer hair so whatever.
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lol yea I've gone in public bathrooms n have people tell me I'm in the wrong one.. haha
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but yea anyways haha sick videos:D haha
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Haha my original free ride has vicious grip and has made me bleed trying to land this trick
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