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Anyone have any suggestions how to straighten them out without rolling pins? I don't have rolling pins! It was recommended to ride without the shields. It's apparently better riding without the shields, but it's pretty grimey here in Jersey. It rains, snows, gets sandy, and mucky sometimes. I was told the bearing shields keep the dirt in, and it's easier to clean without them, but I think I'd rather have them on. Also, was told windex is the same as using bearing cleaner, lol. Idk about all this!!!
Metal is malleable!
They are from my set of Bones Swiss erggghhhh
@mpoblete I 10000000% agree with @drlizardo
Bend em, warp em, throw em out...and I'm sure there's a thousand different people with their own perspective but that sounds like bad advice. You get something caught in there as you ride and I think it could easily get bad for ya. Easier to clean? Sounds like more to clean and more often. There's a reason company's make the shield, I mean it's what the name implies a shield to keep clean longer so they last longer. Using this excuse just sounds lazy. You can use a lot of different cleaners the reason everyone's saying citrus is the fact it's not harmful to your body like acetone and stronger cleaners can be and it's still powerful enough to do a good job. Whatever your cleaner preference just remember to rinse the residue, blow dry them and lubricate.
Paris dude was the one who took them off for me and said to ride it that way. It rolls faster IMO, but I also don't want to clean them that much. I probably bent them when I put them back in. All I care about is fixing it rn!
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