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'M! Countdown Hello Japan’ is a large-scale M! Countdown concert that will be held at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan, on April 25th. Mnet will be putting on the show in collaboration with music channel Space Shower TV. As of now, 16 teams have been confirmed for the event, including Dynamic Duo, miss A, Busker Busker, SECRET, SISTAR, U-KISS, Yoon Mirae, A-Pink, MBLAQ, John Park, Supernova, Tiger JK, 4minute, FT Island, and more. The event will be broadcast on Mnet, on April 26th at 6PM. Suzy who will be hosting the event with Lee Joon, has drawn attention for her charming mannerisms as an MC on Show Music Core, and has also stood as a special MC numerous times on M! Countdown. Her partner Lee Joon has also impressed with his ability to efficiently lead on M! Countdown, as well as other music programs. Suzy showed her determined attitude to do well by saying, “I will work hard to lead the show as a successful music festival,” while Lee Joon remarked, “I work well with Suzy when we host together, and I think we can display good chemistry this time around as well.” The pairing of Suzy and Lee Joon became a hot topic of conversation amongst netizens, as Suzy previously drew attention on a past episode of MBC Everyone‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, when she selected Lee Joon as a celebrity she wanted to become close with.