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Barre workouts are amazing for working your legs, butt, abs, and arms. Before going to your first barre class why not try out these moves that teach you the basics of the floor exercises! 1. Laying Split: Start in your floor first position. Use your abs to lower your left leg down to the ground and let it hover one inch away from the floor. From here, attempt to bring your right leg in towards your face. It is crucial to keep both knees straight, and the back of your head glued to the ground while doing this. Do 4 sets of 20, alternating legs. 2. First position leg raises: Raise your feet in the air so that your torso and legs are making a 90 degree angle. Slowly lower your legs down to the floor until they hover about one inch away from the ground, then raise your legs back up to their vertical starting position. Do 40. 3. Fifth Position Leg Raises: Lay on your back with your thumbs tucked under your lower back. Extend your legs straight up and point your toes. Practice making little half-circles with your feet, switch them back and forth quickly so that you are alternating your right and left feet front and back. Continue this small, controlled movement with your feet & legs, but engage your abs and slowly lower your legs towards the ground, then back up. Do 40. 4. Toe Taps: Lay with your back on the floor and knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Alternate raising and lowering your legs, tapping your toes lightly on the floor each time. Your knees should stay locked in that 90 degree angle, and instead, the raising and lowering movement comes from your glutes. Do 100. 5. Dancers Hundreds: Begin by balancing on your sit-bones and making a “V” with your legs and torso. Slightly bend your knees so that your calves & shins are parallel with the floor. Contract your abs, bringing your torso and knees inwards towards the middle, then exhale and extend them outwards. One contraction and extension is “one”. Now do 100. 6. Glute Bridge Battement Tendu: Lay on your back and center your weight on one foot as you lift the other off the ground. Engage your core & raise your pelvis off the ground, coming into a one-legged glute bridge. In this position, swing your leg up towards your face, and down to tap on the ground. Do 40 on each leg. 7. Side Plank Hip Lifts: Prepare yourself by getting in the side plank position, leaving your hip on the ground to begin with. Then use your core muscles to raise your hips upwards, hold for three beats, then lower them to touch the floor oh-so-slightly before raising them up again.
@nokcha I know the feeling!
Standing barre moves require balance I don't have yet so this floor routine is perfect haha
These are awesome moves because I can't do any jumping around in my apartment because of the people living below me!