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Anyone else love the idea of leaving sparks as you fly down the roads. I've played around before with a mentos can that I found flat in a parking lot it worked well at first but it also wears quickly and didn't make too much sparks. It is fun though and protects your fingers. (Until it gets too hot) @RichardSchafer as you can see I used it wasn't entirely just for slides.
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buy some knee sliders that spark!!
@EmilySalzsieder no it looked like they were using them for sliding and I'd rather use a rock or brick than an altoid tin.
I was thinking the same thing Em, Altoid sparks! @EmilySalzsieder
I've seen little plastic strips with flints in then you screw to your tail. They spark when you drag your tail down, it'd make for a mean bluntslide!
Sucks that I cant do blunt slides.