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Super Junior's Leeteuk: ''I'm a guy with great skin''
On April 21st, the idol took to his Twitter to upload the above photo and tweeted, “No Makeup..!! Naked face! It’s absolutely real…100%. I never use BB cream..!! Because my face is very oily..hehe. I don’t know about my face, but I gotta admit that my skin looks good. Hehe. Rather than a ‘good looking guy with great skin’, I’m just a ‘guy with great skin’ ^^.” ''노메이크업.!!민낯! 정말 레알..100% 난 비비크림은 절대 바르지 않아..!! 얼굴에 기름이 많아서..괜히 개특이겠어?ㅋ하지만 난 내얼굴 잘 모르지만 피부하나 좋은건 인정하겠어!ㅋ피부미남 아니고 그냥 피부남^^'' Leeteuk wasn’t mistaken in that his skin is pretty flawless. Even without any makeup.
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