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" Unrequited" Try as I may try as I might, I look for something that will never be mine. I look and look but never see the one. The one who's meant for me. Perhaps he doesn't exist, perhaps I'll know him with just one kiss. This person I pray, I don't miss. I hope he'll love me, like I love him. Not hurt me like so many before and never walk out that door. That he'll be mine forever more.
thank you greggr
Thank you for sharing @heartofgold35! Might I make one initial suggestion? Rather than calling the card "My Poems' you are free to just use the title of the poem! It'll stand out to community members more that one, I think. As for the poem itself, I enjoy the first line more than anything else "Try as I may try as I might." It shows a persistence that carries throughout the rest of the piece.