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As a kid, we all had an athlete that we wanted to emulate. I know that growing up I wanted to play like Juan Riquelme, or Steve Nash. Once I got a bit older, though, I began to dislike a lot of these players that I looked up to. I liked what they did on the court, but they were just absolute jerks off it. I am not saying that all of them were or are, but too many were. The amount was significant enough that I started to perceive athletes like spoiled brats that didn’t care about anyone but themselves. And this is where Johnny Football comes… Johnny Manziel may be one of the most despicable athletes I have ever read about. I say athlete because I do not know him as a person, so I will not comment on that. Nevertheless, the guy is just, put plainly, a diva who has somehow made it to the NFL. He seems to care little about his team, or becoming a leader. The worst part is that he is, by nature of his position, to lead his entire team. Thanks to EPN, we can take a look back at his first year as a PROFESSIONAL paid football player: Feb 14 - Manziel vows that Johnny Football is gone now that he is joining the NFL May 9 - Manziel, seeing himself fall in the draft, urges (more like begs) the Browns via text message to select him. May 10 - One day after the draft, Manziel parties the night away May 26 - Manziel appears in several high profile pics in Vegas during down time in the team’s offseason work. June 10 - Photo taken of Manziel on a rubber swan (basically) chugging a bottle of champagne June 16 - Manziel pretends he is calling someone with a money telephone. June 27 - Manziel tells media he would not change himself for anyone July 4 - Manziel rolls money into a small tube pic appears July 25 - Browns “admit” they are “alarmed” by Manziel’s behavior July 26 - Browns owner Jimmy Haslam calls Manziel and tells him to stop his off-field habits Aug 14 - Manziel is late for training camp => claims he misread schedule Aug 18 - Manziel extends middle finger to Redskins’ bench… Oh, on national television Nov 22 - Manziel and friend punch fan in lobby at 2:36 am. Only hours before team flies to Atlanta for game. Dec 14 - Manziel starts first game against Cincinnati. Throws for 80 years, 0 TDs, and 3 INTS (1 of them called back, luckily). Browns are humiliated 30-0 Dec 21 - Manziel pulls hamstring and leaves Carolina game during halftime Dec 23 - Manziel admits that “its a job for me now.” (After the season is over!). He vows to take it more seriously. Dec 27 - Manziel misses team walk-through and treatment because he was out the night before. Dec 29 - Manziel again proclaims (for the 10th time?) that he will change. He will show it with action Dec 30 - Manziel appears on video seemingly at enjoying the nightlife while wishing King James happy birthday. There will be many Manziel supporters who say the media is out to get him. There will be many who read this and might think that I am just jealous and wish I had his talent and lifestyle. Truth be told, I am not jealous. I feel sorry for him. He will go down as one of the worst athletes to ever ruin the name of professional athletes. Regardless of how he does on the field, his behavior will (and already has) turned many fans into believing that all athletes are like this. They are self-centered boys (not men) who have no idea what the real world is about, and do not deserve the fortune that they will inevitably squander. And isn’t that just sad? Would you want to remembered for being the main cause of that? So no, I am not jealous of him. I feel sorry for him.
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@Spudsy2061 @sanityscout I would be satisfied with just NO Johnny Manziels. I just dont understand how absolutely dumb guys like Manziel are. I mean you can party, etc but do it quietly. Stop going on social media. Just look at Jeter. He is a big party guy, but has a clean cut image. Why? Bc he doesn't publicize his life (especially the bad aspects)... Just do that!
Or Andrew Lucks, Jason Wittens and Tim Duncans!
Less Johnny Manziels, more Steven Naismiths. Please world, we need them.