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What makes a hangout place popular is usually a combination of having a great ambiance, good food and drinks and a strategic location. In Bandung, one can add affordability to the criteria. Though these cafes and eateries on our list are quite new, they have already attracted crowds of loyal customers who claim they are their favorite hangout spots in town. Blue Doors Located at Jl. Gandapura No. 61, this little coffee shop can be easily recognized by its blue doors, although the pergola with green vines half-covering the outdoor area hides them nicely from being spotted from the street. One of Blue Doors founders, Alvin Setiadarma, said the shop had a lot of flaws. He said the place was limited in space and that despite the location being strategic, near Jl. Riau, Blue Doors was a little hidden with limited parking space - crucial for a successful business in Bandung. However, according to Alvin, Blue Doors made up for these limitations with its homey yet stylish interior and great quality menu, especially its coffee. "Blue Doors is created out of concept and mission to introduce what coffee culture and proper coffee should be," said Alvin, who is passionate about the particular beverage. Hence when they opened Blue Doors last July, they offered special grade full Arabica coffee with choices of single origin coffee beans as well as specialty teas and brunch-type dishes, which typically served from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. I sampled the coffee shop's signature and recommended menus: Magic Coffee, served in a medium-height glass, Fried Onion Turkey Bacon Spicy Slaw and Salad (FOTBSS) Tartine - sourdough toast at the bottom, turkey bacon with tartar sauce, an onion ring topped with spicy salad and slaw and hand cut fries - and the lasagna. The price of each item is Rp 30,000 (US$2.4), Rp 55,000 and Rp 38,000, respectively. I found my coffee and lasagna were very nice. As for the FOTBSS Tartine, although I enjoyed the fresh spicy salad and slaw, I disliked the accompanying fries that were a little too greasy and oily, although crunchy. Most of all, I found the ambiance of the place, which is adorned with nice interior details, to have a decent me-time feel, plus enough people, who were mostly in their own worlds, working on their laptops or talking to friends, to be the most favorable. Morning Glory & Co Eatery Situated near Jl. Riau - one of the most popular spots in Bandung for chic cafes, eateries and factory outlets - this place at Jl. Taman Cempaka No. 7 opened recently. Located opposite Taman Foto (Picture Park), I especially like its semi-open concept of the sitting area, which offers an amazing view of the park. Coming to this place in the morning or afternoon after strolling through the park is lovely. The place offers a spacious seating area, which is smartly equipped with many charging stations for smartphones and gadgets to cater to modern demands. As an eatery, Morning Glory offers an array of dishes, from Western to Indonesian food, various beverages; and all at very affordable prices. My choice that afternoon was a noodle dish of Bakmi Ayam Rica and Green Healthy Juice, priced respectively at Rp 35,000 and Rp 39,000. The noodle dish was moderately tasty, but the juice was very refreshing. Dipa Junction Located at the corner of Jl. Ariajipang No. 1-3 in the Dago area, it is very easy to see why this place is such a popular hangout spot. At Dipa Junction, not only the parking space is spacious, but it's like visiting a one-stop lifestyle hub for those who want to hang out, get a haircut at its stylish old-school barbershop or shop for some local clothes brands. The place offers an array of cafes and eateries to suit one’s tastes, such as Freddy's Kitchen, which specializes in mutton dishes, Woople for those craving for savory waffle dishes, and G Food & Coffee Factory. I have tried their recommended crispy chicken skin, which is served with Balinese sambal matah condiment and a Slight Tofu drink. The crispy chicken skin was really good, worth the guilty feeling of nibbling such food. The Slight Tofu drink was surprisingly very nice too without any hint of tofu as a food, which the thought at first rather put me off. Roti Gempol & Kopi Anjis! Nestled at Jl. Bengawan No. 34, also nearby Jl. Riau, this eatery has been open for several months but ha already attracted crowds of customers. As I passed the street I could see that the place always catered to a lot of visitors, which were mostly college students. According Arief, one of the staffers, the place is also packed with families in the morning and on weekends. The name Kopi Anjis! is derived from the word “coffee” and a Sundanese informal curse word, which feels rather harsh but is often said in a light manner among close friends. The eatery has conveniently merged with the legendary bakery from Jl. Gempol, famed for their generations of bread popularly known as Roti Gempol. The merger has successfully benefitted both parties. Kopi Anjis! has made the legendary bread thrive again, while Roti Gempol, of course, brings tasty and high quality bread to compliment the Kopi Anjis! menu. Raihan, a college student of Telkom University in Bandung that I met during my visit, said that he already been a loyal customer since the first branch on Jl. Surya Sumantri. But since he learned that this new branch had opened, offering a more comfortable hangout place, he now preferred to come here. He said not only was the price very affordable for students like him, but he also found the menus to be unique and tasty, such as Toblerone Coffee, obviously a mix of coffee with the famous chocolate brand. Open from 8 a.m. until midnight, the establishment has an outdoor terrace equipped with cozy spots to sit in at nighttime and enjoy Bandung's cool air and romantic mood. Wiki Koffie Braga Before making his first visit, Dimas Krismandi had always wondered about this place, which always seemed crowded. When he finally visited, he understood why. "The food and drink are very affordable and quite nice for such a price," Dimas said. Wiki Koffie inhibits a unique vintage colonial building on the corner of Jl. Braga No. 90, but contrary to its facade, the interior is quite contemporary. "It offers free high-speed Wi-Fi too," Dimas added. During his first visit, he tried the homemade meatballs with barbecue sauce, the Thai Green Curry with rice, a lava cake named after West Java's Mount Galunggung and drinks Milo Dinosaurus and Oreo Borneo. He said the meatballs was delicious, but found the Thai Green Curry to be similar to the Indonesian chicken dish of Opor Ayam rather than the Thai taste. He enjoyed the lava cake, served with vanilla ice cream. He added that the Milo Dinosaurus - a milo drink sprinkled with Milo powder - was nice while the Oreo Borneo was mediocre. He praised the eatery's pricing, which is very affordable starting only at Rp 10,000 for the meatballs and the drinks, Rp 22,000 for the Thai Green Curry and Rp 18,000 for the lava cake dessert. Wiki Koffie is open daily from 10 a.m. until midnight. - See more at: