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Got a new helmet frm the boyfriend!!!! :) Love it cuz its GREEN! Cant wait to tear it up and patch it with stickers! :) Hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas!
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I've never seen padding like that before
@DeathSlinger sidenote..if a girl is using you then she is not a pretty girl..and thats my point, boyfriends arent used to buy us things..they do it if they want to not becuz theyre obligated to and vice versa for girlfriends as well :)
Very good statement
If I was a pretty girl, Id whore it up for some thane... all Im sayin.
O also the Berns are wonderful! I have a buddy who has one and I love it. Its a legitimate hard hat! So unlike the T8s there really gonna protect your head even at decent speed. Also they're comfortable, witch is a big reason I dont wear my triple 8 helmet unless Im goin hard in some sketch. Also they have one with a small brim witch means even if you go face first youre only gonna lose your chin. Witch I also find to be awesome cause even though Im sadly not a pretty girl, I enjoy having a face that looks as good as mine and not like hamburgers. :D