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Many recipes geared towards creating delicious foods for the trail in any season require one thing that might scare all of us: food dehydration! If you have a food dehydrator, this is the video you need to go over the basics of what to try dehydrating, and how to do it! Of course, this is just a simple introduction, but with this video's help you learn to dry your food for light, delicious meals that will make your hikes an even greater time!
@happyrock It's definitely not an intuitive food considering what the average American eats every day, but it is a smart food! Especially for a no-refrigerator, need-for-easy situation
@treedweller I was super weirded out by dehydrated pack meals at first, but my friends fed me some that were so good I realized I was making a huge mistake not learning to prepare this way!
I've managed to not invest in a dehydrator yet (I've just borrowed a friends :P) but I definitely think it's one of the easiest ways to pack meals that are de-licious for the trail