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Name: Lee Jongsuk (이종석) DOB: September 14, 1989 Dramas: Pinocchio, School 2013, Doctor Stranger, I Can Hear Your Voice, Secret Garden Movies: The Face Reader, No Breathing Instagram: He started out as a runway model. He was the youngest male model ever in the Seoul Collection program. Despite his model good looks, he thinks his face is rather ordinary. "My looks are on the ordinary side," he said. "But I think this offers an advantage now that I am an actor. My face seems to change during a series and it’s good if your face can change according to the changes in the character. With an ordinary face, it’s like starting out with a blank sheet of drawing paper." Lee Jong Suk is so naturally affectionate that it gets him in trouble. People occasionally accuse him of being a flirt when he is only trying to be friendly. "It’s just natural for me to touch people, so I like holding the hand of the person I’m talking to, whether it’s a guy or a girl," he said. "If I’m with someone I’m comfortable with, I hug that person or touch them. Sometimes people misunderstand. I’ve come to realize there are people who don’t like such skinship." One of his inspirations to become an actor was Rain. He was inspired to act by watching Rain perform in “Full House.” He was also in 2NE1's MV for I Don't Care!
Omg @chasinghapiness I now have to re-check out the mv lol
I admire you lee jong suk!You're a great actor!I've watched your korean drama series and it was great! I hope to meet you in person!Fighting!
Man crush Mondays?! This is going to be such a dangerous collection @lili...
WHAT I just went back and watched I Don't Care and it totally is him! How did I not know this before?!
omo he is soo cuttte :) <3