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One of the more under-rated parts of football is the women's game, and what better year to highlight it then this upcoming 2015, the year of the Women's World Cup in Canada? Women's football is on the rise thankfully, and if you watched the 2011 World Cup or 2012 Olympics, you will know it's wildly entertaining as well. Continuing with that theme, Olympic Champion and World Cup Runner-ups the US have scheduled a friendly with England for the 13th of February in preparation for the summer tournament. It will be interesting to see how both sides get on, including an England side that crashed out of the 2013 Women's Euros at the group stage.
@CitySarajevo I just had a look at you are correct they are not in the WWC. They're also currently ranked 71st. The draw for the Women's Euros comes out this year though but to be fair the qualifying campaign is too short. Needs to be extended and more testing like the men's. Maybe Bosnia can make that?
I don't think Bosnia are in this. We did bad at the one last year. So much talent but we didn't win.