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As you know I am a big fan of minimalistic and well-designed space. I recently came across a share-worthy remodeling project from Studio Four, a Melbourne architecture and design studio. The interior display a Scandinavian vibe with a white and birch color tone that pretty much appeals to young occupants. All the natural light coming from the transparent windows also makes me feel energetic and positive Design details: Kitchen The storage and display space is made of svelte steel. The floors, island and stools were custom-built of American oak. In addition, the room in the back contains a butler's pantry and laundry. Living Room The built-in shelves frames a nice wall and display and interesting view of the kitchen and dining area. The living room also overlooks an internal courtyard that provides a green backdrop. Bedroom I love the distinct bedding color for the master bedroom and children's room. Navy color displays a more mature and calm atmosphere, while the bright yellow looks cheerful along with the dandelion wall mural. What do you think about the modern Victorian update design?
A white brick with minimalistic layout appeal 2 some; Simple lifestyle for those not only d young professionals as even matures called it their home. others prefer a more conducive homestyle. I am d other . still, there are many 2 choose from. thanks for showing one.
@nannysally I would understand why this design is more appealing to young professionals. If my folks have to choose between living in this home versus their vintage country home, they would most likely choose the latter.
The living room is amazing, but I love living space that is more cozy and warm.
I wish I lived in such house. Looks beautiful! However, I wish my bathroom would be a bit more cozy.