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Can you guess Google's Top 10 searches of 2014?
What do you think the top 10 searches of 2014 were? Google releases this list every year. Note that the search data is accounted on a year-to-year comparison basis, not on an overall frequency basis (because this list would not differ much year to year if it was done based on frequency). Got your guess ready? OK, scroll down! Each year, Google releases a list of the topics we’ve collectively searched for the most over the past 12 months. Each year, I try and see how many I can guess beforehand. This year, I got about half. How many can you get? [Pro tip: remember, people generally search for depressing/scary stuff more than pretty much anything else.] Google released two lists this year — one for US search trends, and one for worldwide search trends. The lists are mostly the same, with just a few differences. Global Trending Searches: 1. Robin Williams 2. World Cup 3. Ebola 4. Malaysia Airlines 5. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 6. Flappy Bird 7. Conchita Wurst 8. ISIS 9. Frozen 10. Sochi Olympics US Trending Searches: 1. Robin Williams 2. World Cup 3. Ebola 4. Malaysia Airlines 5. Flappy Bird 6. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 7. ISIS 8. Ferguson 9. Frozen 10. Ukraine What do you think of the list? Is there anything major missing that you would have expected to see?
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It's fascinating to see how similar the two lists are!
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I'm so late to this card but I was nuts for Flappy Bird. Considering that my iPhone died just a month after the frenzied app was dismantled, I could have sold my phone on Ebay for a Grand!!! :/
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