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So we've all heard about the current lawsuit between BAP and their company TS Entertainment, so I won't go into details (for more info I'd suggest asking @KpopJunkiesTV) Basically, they are not able to get in contact with any of their fans because the accounts they usually use (Instagram, Daum Cafe, Twitter) are all under control of TS Entertainment. In order to get in touch with their fans who are honestly worried about their well-being, the members of BAP have taken it upon themselves to set up their own fan cafe (sort of an online forum for those not familiar with them) so they are able to talk directly to their fans. In the first post on the site, Daehyun wrote “To all you Baby, whom I miss. I wanted to be with all of you at least a little so I am sending an update through message to continue to be with you. I will not be able to update often but I will update little by little. The members will be with you as well so please keep loving us. Spend the end of your year well, make sure you don’t catch a cold, dress warmly, and eat well. Dearest babys who I am always thankful for, I love you.” Youngjae updated shortly after where he expressed his care for the fans titled “Make sure you eat~” where he wrote, “Make sure you eat. Don’t worry about us too much. Happy New Year. Be well. Let’s meet again soon. I love you. Sleep well.” Here's the link to the new cafe:
; o;!! So sweet.
I love that they care so much about their fans :3