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If you're anything like me, you have found yourself sucked into the time-eating black hole of television, or the internet, on more than one occasion. It's not a very good use of our time, now, is it? Today, while in one of these seemingly never ending holes, I came across the wonderful, wonderful website Unplug the TV. The site is run through a tumblr interface, and boasts more than 2,000 posts. What is the goal? To get you to watch something educational in your day! If you go to the homepage throughout your day, you will be presented an educational video. Four videos are posted each day: my favorite way to browse the site is through the archive ( because you can find something you're interested in without having to use the kind of annoying interface. So, get watching! Here are 4 of my favorite "education" videos from December on Unplug the TV. If you find yourself feeling "blah" in your TV watching zone, try this website instead!
I haven't owned a TV in 20 years, in that time I've learned to speak 8 languages and have read a couple thousand books. I don't miss TV at all. The dumbed down approach to advertising is the critique of your intelligence as a viewer, and it was so offensive, I had all the motivation I needed to stop watching.
Haven't watched TV since my cable bill doubled all of a sudden about a year or so ago and haven't missed it! The internet I'm using for my Trikke sales Biz gathering interest and Lii l prospects. It's working steadily.
...Government controlled not highland lol(there's no edit on here.)
@BryanCrappell I'm totally with you on that corporate and highland controlled media we're fed on a daily basis. It's turned us into formidable "mush". Ha, we're camping out now, making an event out of it like consuming puppets. lol...Bet they're laughing all the way to the bank with that one.
I spend way to much time in front of the TV might be a good thing to unplug
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