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"Indonesian officials have confirmed that remains and debris found in the waters off Borneo are from the plane.” News of the AirAsia QZ8501 flight has ended the agonizing wait for relatives of the victims, but has started a new agonizing wait to recover the bodies. Again the main culprit, it seems, is the harsh weather. Remains and debris from the plane have been confirmed to be found off Borneo. Six bodies have been retrieved, including that of a believed female crew member. Divers were still, however, looking to retrieve the black box of the plane. While government officials and AirAsia officials are working tirelessly to bring peace to these families as swiftly as possible, the inclement weather is making it difficult for authorities. Indonesian President, Joko Widodo has promised to focus on recovering the victims’ bodies through “massive search by the ships and helicopters.” In the East Java province, New Year eve celebrations have been cancelled, while a public memorial has been planned for Wednesday evening. This is all, as officials have stated, in an effort to focus on the well being of the grieving families. It is difficult to be able to write anything beyond the facts. The only real valuable thing that any of us can really do is to pay our condolences. And that is the purpose of this card. I wanted to ask all here in Vingle to please write your condolences to the families of these victims. Please state (via the comments) what you hope they will hear from their friends, relatives, and those around them.
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Such a tragedy, I hope that now the families of the victims can feel some sort of closure.
sincere condolences to all the families of this horrific tragedy