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Back in 2013 there were various protests in Korea by the younger generation that were called ‘How are you? I am not alright. 안녕들 하십니까? 저는 안녕하지 못합니다.’ The movement was meant to bring issues like gender inequality and homophobia in Korea to light so that the society could make a change. While most celebrities kept quiet about this movement (the LGBT*QA community is still facing serious oppression in Korea) SHINee's Jonghyun took to Twitter to show his support for the community. He changed his twitter photo to a protester's posters. He chose one that points out the unfairness of a Korean society that suppresses the sexual minority. This poster was written by a transsexual university student who is bisexual. He actually had a community of internet trolls attack his fan pages with harsh comments on this, but Jonghyun never backed down. One of the reasons why I am so proud to call SHINee my first bias group :)
That's just so awesome<3 p(*^-^*)q
woww so proud of him for standing up 4 the right thing ♥♥ :-) awesome jonghyun
that's good.
This is so awesome! I love Jonghyun even more now!
Good on you Jonghyun! Thanks @callmekaren!
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