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Back in 2013 there were various protests in Korea by the younger generation that were called ‘How are you? I am not alright. 안녕들 하십니까? 저는 안녕하지 못합니다.’ The movement was meant to bring issues like gender inequality and homophobia in Korea to light so that the society could make a change. While most celebrities kept quiet about this movement (the LGBT*QA community is still facing serious oppression in Korea) SHINee's Jonghyun took to Twitter to show his support for the community. He changed his twitter photo to a protester's posters. He chose one that points out the unfairness of a Korean society that suppresses the sexual minority. This poster was written by a transsexual university student who is bisexual. He actually had a community of internet trolls attack his fan pages with harsh comments on this, but Jonghyun never backed down. One of the reasons why I am so proud to call SHINee my first bias group :)
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So proud of him! I'm glad he's my bias in Shinee...luv him to bits XOXOX!
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good for him! we are being progressive here and everyone deserves the same human rights :)
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I didn't know that! It's awesome to know he really stuck his neck out, crazy. Proud to say he was my first kpop bias and still my bias in SHINee! Rock on Jonghyun!
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mabey by the time i move to Korea same sex marriage will be legal
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