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Hello everyone, I am Sally, and I'm excited to be the Home Management Moderator for this quarter. This is a young community still in progress. If you're a college student, young professional, or homemaker please be sure to stop by! While I'm sharing my knowledge as a home keeper, I would also love to learn from you all. Since this is the beginning of New Year, here are some of my personal home management goals: 1. Continue to learn how to be a loving Wife & Mom. 2. Stick with an organizing system to keep the home clutter-free. 4. Keep up with budgeting (for the upcoming tax season) 5. Update the home interior (it's been a while since we changed things around). 6. Go on a family summer vacation before the second child graduate from college. Goals as the Home Management Moderator: 1. Share useful tips and projects to keep life and living space simplified. 2. Meet and greet with other members. This is my simple plan for this quarter. Please feel free to leave any suggestions or requests of any home management related topics! Lastly, please support this lovely community! :)
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It's my new year's goal to be more organized with many of the things that you listed (hello budgeting!) so I can't wait to see what you have in store for all of us :)