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Choi Gang-Hee ("Goodbye Mom"/"Petty Romance"/"Protect the Boss") is cast as the leading actress in upcoming MBC drama series SECRET AGENT WAR (literal title of "Bimilnamnyeojeon"). She will pair up with already cast leading man Joo Won. The drama series will depict the love lives and friendships of agents at the National Intelligence Service. SECRET AGENT WAR airs this January in South Korea.
wow Joo Won is in a new drama already? Bridal mask just ended like 1-2 months ago
i'm excited for him but not really for her.. omg they have a 10 years age differences >.<
Guh, I really can't picture Choi Kang Hee with him....I hope it's going to be alright
i know right?? he looks like a little kid beside Choi Kang Hee..