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Riptide Bushings
I run a barrel cone set up on my Tesseract. Great for longer slides. What do you guys run?
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In the back 93a RAD JK boardside, otang nipple 87a. front is venom 95a boardside, 90a roadside. Barrel cone is good too. I use that in the front on my chinook
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I run in my Brooks.
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Haha I have the tessy too. 96a boardside, 93 roadside. Both are bones cone shaped bushings. I have my hangers flipped temporarily for a lower set up with a bit more carve, but i flip them back for more stability when going downhill.
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@GaryCampbell I normally don't do harder roadside. However I thought I'd just try it and I actually like this set up! I don't have a ton of movement but for Sliding/DH, it's stable as heck and I've never pulled longer slides.
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@drlizardo Your statement is the definition of the overlooked awkward joke that only a small niche would understand xD
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