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I'm am thrilled to present myself as the new Fashion Moderator for 2015 Q1 quarter. I have plans to make this community more engaging within the next three months! Feel free to message me for requests! Also, please let me know if you're interested in serving as staff! I'd love to work alongside with you! :) A short bio: My name is Stella Winslow. I have a strong passion for fashion and a growing interesting in lifestyle photography (you'll see me around in the photography community). On my free time I like reading magazines and scrapbooking style inspirations. My style falls in the direction of minimalistic and bohemian. My current obsession is Alexa Chung and Ana Kras (I wrote about her here: I'm looking forward to grow my bob out this year and add more colors to my wardrobe (my current closet is filled with black, white, and earth tones clothes). Who's your style icon? And what are you looking forward to this new year?
Hello Stella! I love Alexa Chung and Ana Kras as well. Hope to see more of their style this year :)
Great to hear it Stella! Can't wait for this quarter @stargaze :)