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Too lazy to shower in the morning? Adopt these tips to have your overnight hairstyles look great the next day. To avoid wild bangs: They're pretty much hopeless if you don't style it immediately after washing. Here's the fix - Run a light-hold matte pomade down the length with a bristle brush for quick taming in the morning. Deep condition overnight: Start by washing your hair and focusing on the scalp. Use warm water to open up cuticle and allow the moisturizers to seep into the cortex of each hair strand. Then apply the conditioner with a wide-toothed comb to even out application. Wrap your hair in saran wrap to keep your sheets clean and hair together. In the morning, do a cool rinse to lock in the moisturizing ingredients. For smooth straight hair: wrap all your hair in one direction around the head. Create a flat, smooth surface and secure with large bobby pins where needed. Then tie a silk scarf tightly around your head to keep your hair in place all night. For beachy, surfer girl waves: Make two French braids. Keep them as loose and braid as far down as you can to avoid kinks and frizz. For a slightly textured effect, run a flexible mousse through your hair, then twist medium sections away from your face into five to six buns and secure with bobby pins. Remove them in the morning and you'll have nice natural waves.
Don't know if I can sleep with saran wrap on, but I love the beachy waves tip!
The bangs tip is soooo necessary for me! Trust me, wild bangs are so hard to tame that it's better to just style before sleeping/while wet!
Another way of getting wavy hair in the morning is braiding and ballerina bun