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David Rice (Hayden Christensen) is a man with a secret. Using only the power of thought, he can teleport anywhere in the world. Blithely accepting that this power is unique to him, he teleports around the world, even going as far as to steal money from the bank. However, he keeps his ability secret from everyone, even his childhood sweetheart Millie (Rachel Bilson). However, one day he chances upon Griffin (Jamie Bell), another 'Jumper'. Griffin informs him that far from being unique, he is one of a number of Jumpers, who are scattered all over the world. However, they are a dying breed. A band of hunters, calling themselves 'Paladins' seek to hunt down and kill all of David's kind. Led by the sinister Cox (Samuel L. Jackson), they soon discover David and Griffin, and he is forced to flee for his life.
@moviengel they should have the second!!
Do you think there will be like Jumper 2? I hope there will