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Samantha VanDeman has a passion for exploring and photographing forgotten and abandoned places. Her project Died Alone addresses the abandoned places where people spent their last days on earth. This project is incredibly sad, yet a compelling look at how some people finish their lives. Here is a little insight into Samantha's thoughts on Died Alone: "During the summer of 2012, I started photographing abandoned homes throughout rural Illinois and Wisconsin. I became intrigued by how many valuables, photos, and objects had been left behind in each home. The more homes I found, the more I wanted to figure out why these homes were abandoned. I started talking to neighbors and found out elderly had died in these spaces. What shocked me the most was the fact no children had come to claim their parents’ valuables. Pictures, letters, and valuables were all left to rot in these homes. A lot of the time clothes still hung in the closet and dishes were still in the sink. With no one to claim the properties, most end up being owned by the state and sit vacant for many years before they are demolished. By taking photographs of these living spaces, I hope to bring life back into these spaces that society has forgotten about."
a very touching and compelling visual. a testament to the complex rabbit holes and gullies of life's forlorn paths. i am deeply moved.
This is beautiful.
how quickly we are forgotten. ...
@JenniferGurnham Yes, very sad. Very unfortunate but a revealing body of work. Glad you enjoyed it
how sad is this thanks for sharing