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Show and Rainie get mistaken for being a honeymoon couple, and get a free upgrade to a seaview suite! kekekeke Show is sooo funny, instead of saying "Great!" he says "鬼!“ which means "ghost" in Chinese. hehe he's so full of rubbish :) They walk along the beach and talk about why they came to Australia. Show says that he has always wanted to come, but work was too busy, but he finally decided to take a break and visit Australia! Rainie starts talking too, she says "Do you know where Tasmania Island is? To some people, it is just 2 hour's away from Sydney. To others, it is a life time." hmmm... dunno what she meant by that. But she changes the mood quickly and says "Let's go play in the water!" The two are having dinner, and get invited by the dinner party next to them who thinks they are a newlywed couple. So they sit together, but they have to explain how Show proposed. PANIC! they start making it up. Rainie has to tell the story and she says "He covered my eyes with a cloth, and brought me to the restaurant that we always go to. He didnt take off the cloth till I stepped on the rosepetal carpet on the floor. He filled the place with 2000 roses!" Show interrupts and says "2009. Cos it was in 2009" hahaha. Rainie continues "He had a little dog called..." Show interrups "Kuchinobe" Rainie conitnues "LIttle dog called Kuchinobe, and tied to Kuchinobe's head was the ring" The dinner party asks "What did Show say??" Rainie doesnt know what to say, and looks blankly for a while, before Show jumps in. He holds her hand to his chest and says "As long as my heart is still beating, I will love you. " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. As they walk back home from dinner, Rainie says "The words you said just now, were really moving. If only you liked women, that would be great." Show just smiles.... When they get back to the hotel, the person whom Show accidentally got his luggage mixed up with shows up! They switch their luggage back. BUt Rainie realises that Show is not gay once she sees the other person. She doesnt look at him. Show taps her shoulder and says "Didnt you say that it would be so great if I like women? SUPRISE!!!!" Rainie SLAPS him. ................. thats all for ep 2!!!! If you want ep 3 eng subs please let me know! You can follow me to get updates. <3 Show+Rainie
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hehehe i like the 鬼 comment as well :)