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I <3 Dubs Longboards
So my board came in just in time to go for a road trip down to Mt. Shasta for some skateboarding. I'm going with some friends and meeting some locals down there. I'm so happy that she made it on before, and so stoked to go ride it! It was too cold last night to do a test run for me. We'll be skating the gnar shortly though.
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Yeah mine was exactly the same for about a week but seemed to just sort itself out
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@crazyheart I'll be patient than
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I had to go to the community page hit visit and once you're in then hit the post button it automatically selects longboarding then you pick your photos, videos, whatever from there...was like that for a week I got an update last night and it's working now. But try that. @KTM2014
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There we go. now the skateboarding picture is in the longboarding section
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But this one is staying in inline Skating I guess lol
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