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I've been really interested in Bustin, so, when I saw their mystery boxes I figured what the heck, ill go for it! The package got to my town in 3 days, but because of the holiday it won't be delivered till Friday!! I know. I know. ups needs time off too... but it's 26 lbs and I'm excited!
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that.. would be so disappointing lmao @drlizardo
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Maybe it's a brick or two.
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holy crap dude screw landyachtz mystery box lmao I want a bustin!
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Mystery box for sure. If your gonna go ibanez, get one of their high end bodies, then switch the pickups out with EMG pickups and some elixor strings. And basically, that would cost a buttload more than a mystery box. So yeah. Good choice, your making more for your money with the mystery box @DeathSlinger
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haha ya missed it lol go look up Bustin Ratarang! It's a brick lol! @JaydenWashabaug @Ghostoftheswift
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