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Road Trip!
I was about to head up to vermont for New Years, hit the slopes and what not, when my friend pm'd me. Apparently there has been zero snowfall and the temp has been riding above 30°F, so what the heck, why not bomb a few hills for th New Year! Packed my thermal gear, slapped a camera onto my helmet, and threw my boards in the car. Im not definitely sure ill be skating, depending on the weather, but Ill do my best. looks like you might finally get those videos @mpoblete :)!
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Awesome, dude! Great to see that you wore the griptape a bit on that Tessy!
3 years ago·Reply
haha trust me i ride it alot, its just hard to film. Really need to invest in a go pro, or some friends who skate xD @mpoblete
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Nice! Maybe by the time you're videos out ill have a better one.
3 years ago·Reply
haha its 14° here, but i will fight the blistering cold xD
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