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If you have very young children, like me - then you know it's usually not such a great idea to keep them up past midnight! Sure, there are some toddlers who can somehow stay awake until then in a bright mood, but I don't know a lot of them. For most parents, it's not a matter of being strict - it's a matter of not wanting to deal with an overtired, grumpy, sensitive or even hyper toddler (they get super hyper sometimes when they're overtired) until midnight, if they don't just pass out before then and miss the countdown action. Not a very festive atmosphere, let's say. Not to mention the fact that many parents are also pretty done in before then. So how do you make your New Year celebration actually Happy? Netflix has a hack for a parent-friendly Happy New Year's Eve! They are providing a streaming "New Year's Eve countdown" for your little ones that you can watch AT ANY TIME. It's an on demand 3-minute special featuring King Julien the lemur (from a Netflix original show) that allows you to play the faux countdown at whatever time you want "midnight" to be! Would you use this countdown trick? Do your very young children stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve?