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Live Recap: Boa Broke down to Jimin's Emotional performance
I also cried hard when Jimin sang YOU RAISE ME UP, and how Boa related to the pressure on young jimin's and how good she's always expected to be ㅜㅠ..Boa said that during her teens she hated when people expected to always perform perfectly, because: "She's BOA"
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Do you know why she cried? I mean you cried too right, please share the information!! Please!
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@whatever: yes... she cried cos she thought about her own childhood, and how she had to go to Japan alone, and how she was lonely and it was hard. I posted a video with Eng Subs when BoA was crying here for u! http://www.vingle.net/posts/6859 <3<3<3
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